Getting Started

We have had our first project meeting on 1-10-18 actually on time with the official start of the project! We are organising our college staff placements to use APPII and Goggle G Suite. This is quite a challenge as the City of Glasgow College has been undergoing a large structural reorganisation, so academic staff are very pre-occupied with that. This will slow things down a bit at the start.

We had a long and very productive meeting – the agenda below gives an idea of what we covered:

  • ‘Walk through’ the project plan (PID) and discuss – be good opportunity to review and harvest ideas and insights on the fly before we dive into the nuts and bolts
  • Discuss a draft consortium agreement – I will send this out before hand
  • Review the risk register
  • Stakeholder mapping exercise – contacts etc that would be very useful as this is important to the Ufi
  • The practical, policy and technical aspects to linking APPII to a source of SQA test data for the demonstrator – data model, API, GDPR etc
    • The APPII business model – we will need to be able to describe this in the project
  • How APPII works – be good to go over that at the start – so that we can later create an infographic(s) of the data flow and relationships between the users of the envisaged system
  • GDPR compliance
  • Sustainability – where do want at the end of the project.
    • Long term scenarios as well for data preservation and access – cf to current paper-based systems