Digital Certificate Integration Walkthrough – Stills

This set of stills illustrates the manual integration of a blockchain based digital certification system into an awarding body’s business processes. There are a range of possible integrations available from manual, semi auto all the way to automatic issuing of digital certificates to learners in cohorts (that would be the desired goal). All this is underpinned by the biometric identification of the user – to see the full story please read our white paper at

Step 1 User Home Page Mobile View – users can use both web and mobile versions
Step 2 Web View – User starts to create a claim for a qualification – a HND in Business. ONce the user presses the green button the request is sent to the awarding body
User Home Page
Step 3 User Home Page Web View – Claim is recorded in the system but not send to the awarding body / SQA / College – so APPII icon appears as grey
Step 3 Web View – User has created a claim for a HND and gone back in to the system and sent the request for the HND – so APPII icon is now yellow = waiting waiting for a response. The user has also done the same for a set of School Qualifications also set at yellow status
Step 4 This is what the awarding body verifier sees as a qualification claim in their dashboard. If they are happy they will click the green button to award the certificate to the users blockchain account
Step 5 After the verifier at the awarding body has accepted the claim this is what they see in their dashboard – accepted = green
Step 6 The users claim to have a verified qualification has been accepted and now appears in their home screen as green = accepted and verified.
Step 7 The verified qualification is now available to the user to include in their CV builder to share with peers and in job applications.