Working Sketches

Borrowed from the world of Art and Design we are developing ‘working sketches’ of the white paper. It similar to the idea of rapid prototypes in software a agile design but is more inclusive for a general audience. These can take the form of notes, stories, bulllet points, drawings and diagrams (of course), infographics, schematic diagrams, flow charts, animations, data models etc. etc.

Which brings us on to the question – what is the white paper? When we started out on this journey into digital certification and verification of learning we knew that we needed to produce something that would explain what this was and how it could work. We also knew that this was going to be tricky because (unlike paper certificates) a lot more things have to work smoothly together to issue, manage and maintain digital certificates and maintain them in the long term. In a way this, represents the wider challenges to the adoption of technology in education – to get the benefits more work has to be put in at the early stages. So, the white paper is going to be a collection of media artefacts that together try to provide an answer to the question: How Do We Solve The Puzzle of Digital Certification?

What will the white paper Cover? It will certainly cover technical issues like blockchain technology, APIs, data models and formats. But it will also be covering the legal and privacy issues and the ‘soft’ issues like personal attitudes and organisational working cultures. The first task is to start to identify and map all the relevant issues and to se how they interact. The history of EdTech and software development in general is littered with expensive projects that have failed due to ignoring these factors.