Here we have the Diagrams of the envisaged digital certificate system

Certification of Learning Process – Big Picture

The general top level components of an educational system showing the relationships between the Learning Providers, Awarding Bodies, Regulatory Agencies and the Learner and their Certificates

Replacement Paper Certificate Process

The Replacement of a paper certificate process – this can be the model used for a digital certificate

Digital Certificate Process

The Digital Certificate Issuing process – it’s the same as the paper process in terms of data required

Layers of Trust in a Digital Certificate System – Individual ID as the foundation

Here we see a a user with an integrated digital certificate system that can verify multiple types of assertion by the user. These include qualifications, Background Check, Right to Work Check. Other information could be included such as date of qualification and location of qualification test (via GPR) – important for some Company records of CPD and compliance etc.

Automatic and Manual Digital Certificate Process

This diagram shows how a user can be issued with a digital certificate either via a manual process (Awarding Body Help Centre), or automatically via their Service Provider Account (APPII) that is linked to the Awarding Body.

APPII User Sign Up Process: Digital Identity & Security Details:

This part of the process is explained here in this diagram. We felt that the users needed to know more about the background processes at work in order for them to trust the service provider (APPII) this was helpful.

  1. User takes picture of their Photo ID: Photo ID text is scanned and ‘read’ and entered into APPII database. Photo ID Facial image is scanned and stored in APPII database.
  2. User takes ‘Selfie’, this is is scanned and stored in the APPII database
  3. All this data is then used by an Identity Verification (IV) Service to check if the user data provided matches official records
  4. Appii Account Created

Identity Verification (IV) Services are used all the time by online shopping and banking services – but are invisible to most users. The UK Government also uses selected identity verification services to share its own data with – see this GOV.UK linkYour personal data is safe with APPII it is fully compliant with the strictest data and privacy protection law such as the GDPR

This shows the Identity verification services involved in the APPII sign up process

Complete Simple Blockchain Digital Certificate System +

This shows the final system at work. Control of data is split into 3 areas. The final area see the data controlled by the user and combined with their Portfolio