Publicity Log

Stakeholder Discussions, Events Attended, Workshops & Consultations:

October 2019

The Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) annual conference 18 October and getting strong interest for involvement from 2 awarding bodies City and Guilds (C&G) and NCFE. Also (NB), the NCFE are starting their own blockchain project for digital badging and certificates and we are going to discuss collaboration / cooperation with them.

An invite only event hosted by the International Baccalaureate organisation and RM Results in Cardiff on 10 October entitled “Opportunities and Challenges for Assessment in the Digital Age”

November 2018

5-11-18 Glasgow Clyde College Blended Learning Consortium Meeting

Ufi Showcase Event London 21-11-18

December 2018

Another interesting connection we have made through our critical friend is with an Anglo Irish company called Coelrind ( who work with a number of awarding bodies they are also involved in a project connected to the Chinese Belt Road Initiative (BRI) that is investigating the feasibility of blockchain for trans-national vocational certification for workers on the BRI ( 

Discussions begin with the NCFE about collaboration

January 2019

28 – 1 – 2019 The SQA Scottish Colleges E-Assessment Group meetings at Barony College – briefing on My Skills project

25 – 1 – 2019 Presentation to the combined the UK qualification regulatory bodies;  eAssessment R&D Forum, Friday 25 January 2019

Here is a short report from our SQA partners:

“The eAssessment R&D Forum is a standing group comprising the qualification regulatory bodies from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The purpose of the group is to explore the implications of use of digital approaches to assessment for the way qualifications and their associated assessments are regulated. The group meets using Skype. This meeting was hosted by SQA in its Glasgow office. Representatives were present physically or virtually from England (Ofqual), Wales (Qualifications Wales), Northern Ireland (CCEA Accreditation) and Scotland (SQA Accreditation)

Following a run-through of a prepared .ppt which set out the background to, aims and activities of the project, the following points were made in discussion:

The group agreed that the problem on which the project was focused was a real one which was relevant to awarding bodies generally

  • Members commented that the approach being taken was very interesting: no reference was made to any existing services which solved the problem in the way the project is seeking to
  • There seemed to be agreement that the questions on the final slide were the key ones from a regulatory perspective: no-one suggested any significant additions
  • The approach raised questions for qualification regulators over what aspects of an approach of the type we are modelling would be of interest/relevant to them from a regulatory perspective
  • The related question of the degree to which the approach being used was built to ensure compliance with industry and technical standards e.g. for data protection
  • Whether the approach being developed could cater for situations in which it was necessary to rescind a qualification (I advised that this was an issue we had discussed, along with the need to comply with the right to be forgotten under GDPR)

We requested that any further feedback following the meeting was forwarded to me or the Project Manager whose contact details were provided.”

9-01-19 West College Glasgow. Workshop meeting with West College Scotland Ufi project Carevolution Project

We had a long discussion with our colleagues at West College – and this led to a meeting with the SSSC (Scottish Social Services Council) who are responsible for training the Scottish Care workforce

24-1-19 Scottish Care Sector consultation

We met with a representative of the SSSC on 24-1-19 and they have agreed to join the consultation group and provide feedback on an early draft of the white paper

English Care Sector consultation January 2019

Our meeting with the SSSC has led to an introduction to the relevant person in the Skills for Care organisation that provides training for the English care sector. The care sector could be a major customer for digital certificates

February 2019

March 2019

FE Week forthcoming article – March 2019 onwards

Jisc forthcoming case study in their Breaking Through series: stories of effective digital practice from UK further education (FE) and skills. Draft version here

FE Week forthcoming article – March 2019 onwards

April 2019

Presenting at the 17th annual e-Assessment Question Conference and Exhibition ‘‘Transformation, Change and Evolution’’ America Square Conference Centre, City of London – Weds. 10th and Thurs. 11th April 2019