Portfolio Developments

Portfolios of student work have been used in education from the beginning of human learning. By creating and compiling a collection of resources the learner is able to document their progress and share it with their peers and teachers for assessment and feedback. Modern digital e-Portfolio systems are very much oriented towards the needs of the learning providers (understandably) and access to them ceases when the learner leaves the College or University. We think a portfolio system that is learner centred and owned is needed. One that the learner can continue using throughout the rest of their career.

About ten years ago the project manager of My Skills was involved in a discussion at an African e-learning conference about the kind of digital portfolio system would work well in Africa. The requirements and ideas that were discussed also applied increasingly to developed counties. You can see the original article and slides in the ‘The African Connection‘ in the Portfolio menu of this website. Ten years later, Google G Suite fits the bill pretty well indeed. The project has enabled the City of Glasgow College to trial its use as a portfolio and teaching tool. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. We hope to have it integrated into the college systems permanently if we can get over the kind of issues to adopting cloud solutions we have discussed in the White Paper.