The African Connection

Lusaka in Africa is a long, long way from Glasgow and the UK but in 2010 at the annual eLearning Africa conference the My Skills project manager, John Casey, was involved in presenting a discussion paper together with African colleagues entitled “e-Portfolios for Learning and Development: Without Constant Internet or Electric Grid Access” you can check out the Dutch academic repository summary at this link and find a copy of the actual discussion paper at this link. Back then, the ideas of having an electronic portfolio that would be wholly owned by an individual and would be able to ‘dock’ with different learning providers and work offline at times was futuristic. But, nine years on and with the breakneck speed of web and mobile technology development that dream seems close to reality.

This experience is what has inspired us in choosing Google G Suite for Education as the Portfolio system in the My Skills project. It fits most of the requirements we outlined. You can see our presentation slides here